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Truckz-N-Stuff has been in business of selling model Lorries, coins, fishing gear, books and a whole lot more since 2005.
When we first started in 2005, not a lot of people knew about us, in fact as we started there was also a boom in model railways and model trucks, so we decided that there was a way of getting things to people that they wanted, Ebay was on us, but I am sure, like me you have been ripped off many times, well here that will never happen.

The years went by and our reputation grew, and with it the business, we supplied lots of items, books, models and various brick a brac to all sorts of people from all over, we have of recently shrunk the business due to the pandemic. We are very good at finding what you want, this has been a bit more difficult as the years went by, this is because we have got older and staff have left. But we are still here to help you get what you want.



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